BANQUETE POP UP is a gourmet experience that always takes place in a new (secret) location each time. It is always unique and directed by prestigious chefs.

Ephemeral spaces with an original and special atmosphere that will make from the dinner more than a simple meeting. A team of great professionals will have that night only one purpose: that you enjoy that evening with adventure and play. Where all your senses will pay tribute to each other.

BANQUETE elaborates unique haute cuisine menus for each of the nights that takes place. Our mission is simple: to create and serve delicious food, sourced from the best local purveyors and farmers, and to produce memorable events.

Clandestine dinners, in secret venues, an evening full of flavours and emotions. We want to take care of our foodies and the best way to do it is keeping some kind of exclusivity at BANQUETE POP UP. Seating is limited. Only the fast ones will have the chance of enjoying a BANQUETE evening.

24 hours before BANQUETE POP UP takes place all the diners will get the (secret) address in their email.

Do not forget it: in this BANQUETE you are the one that is being honoured.